An Invitation From Kris

I am really proud of my new book, and I’m so thankful that it’s changing lives already. I’m looking for other people who love it too, to help me get the word out about it! I’d love your help getting it into the hands of people who are destined for greatness but may not know how to find their calling. The more people we can empower into their purpose, the more people will be impacting the world for the better. Would you like to help make this dream of mine come true?

Join the Destined to Win Momentum Team!

So what does this practically look like? I’m looking for 200 hundred people to sign up and commit to a month of helping spread the word on social media. My team and I will get you a free copy of Destined to Win and invite you to a private Facebook group where we can collaborate and connect around the book. We already have some ideas in mind and would love your help spreading the message of purpose and destiny to your friends and communities!

Sign up goes live on March 3rd at noon PST and we will accept the first 200 people to join. I encourage you to mark your calendars so you can be sure to save your spot!


Please Note:

For this momentum team we are only able to accept participants in the United States. We’re hoping to open up other opportunities to our international community in the future, so be on the lookout for those!

Sign Ups Closed

Thanks for your interest in helping spread the word about Destined to Win! Unfortunately, sign ups to be a part of the Momentum Team are closed. We love your heart to serve so we’d like to give you a free digital gift as thanks. Simply leave us your email address to download your free gift.